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Kids + Chemical Safety Mission Statement:

Kids + Chemical Safety strives to provide up-to-date health information on chemical hazards and safe use of chemicals around children.  If you would like to request additional content please go to “Ask an Expert.”  We welcome all thoughtful and constructive feedback on existing content and suggestions for new topics.

Who administers this site?

Kids + Chemical Safety is administered by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA), an independent, 501(c)(3), organization structured for scientific and educational purposes.  TERA conducts scientific research and development on risk issues in a transparent and collaborative fashion and communicates its results widely.

Who suports this website?

Grants and in kind support used to develop and maintain the site as well as develop new content have graciously been provided by:

+ Alliance for Risk Assessment (ARA) (gift)
+ American Chemistry Council (ACC) (gift)
+ Cincinnati Children's Drug & Poison Information Center (in-kind support)
+ Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) of the US Federal Government (gift)
+ Harvard Superfund Research Program (in-kind support)
+ NSF International (in-kind support)
+ Individuals from the public (gift)
+ Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) (in-kind support)

Disclaimer: No gifting organization dictates the content, subject matter, peer review policy, or message of the website.

How can I contribute?

Kids + Chemical Safety/TERA is a non-profit and as such your contribution is tax deductible if you itemize your tax return.  By contributing you support our efforts to:

+ Protect public health
+ Educate the public on risks
+ Disseminate important information

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How is content chosen for the website?

Initial content for the site was chosen through a survey of parents who were interested in chemical hazards and safety for their children.   Content is added now through a request for topics on this website. Submit a topic here

Essayists are chosen by TERA from a larger database of experts garnered from over 15 years of interactions with government, industry, university, consulting and non-government organizations.  All essayists have agreed to be available for additional consultations.  All essays are reviewed for technical content by one or more peers and given a quality assurance reading by TERA staff.  Essays are also reviewed for clarity of thought and ease of reading.

Please send your suggestions for additional expert essayist to Patricia Nance.

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